Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back to Basics

It has been a tough winter.

Here in Ohio storms rolled in more often than in recent memory.  In between burst pipes and school cancellations, we find moments to appreciate the snowfall and winterscapes.  However, the economy has injected its own bitterness into the season.  No one is immune.   The downturn has swept over the country with a swiftness that has left American families reeling.

If there is a silver lining (and there has to be one… right?), it is the idea that we, as a country, are returning to a life that is centered on what is important; family, health, security.  We are spending more time with our families.  We’re becoming more self sufficient.  Processing our own venison and other wild game,  growing our own vegetables, repairing that which we would have replaced.  We’re also saving more of what we make and spending less.

These outcomes are a result of a country crisis but maybe it will help us return to something akin to normalcy.  Help us to move away from the materialism that seemed to overtake us these past years.  We'll prevail here, as we always do. Of course it will take time and require extraordinary challenges for so many.  Over the long haul,  getting back to the basics in life will only makes us stronger.  At least we hope so.

So - here's to change and getting back to basics. Let's get our game on.

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