Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thanks for Visiting

We created this blog so that we can provide you a glimpse into LEM as a company. We will be sharing our hopes and successes, our mistakes and the issues that concern us, maybe some ranting and raving too. Best of all, you'll pick up some valuable tips and hints along the way.

YOU are the lifeline of LEM. We value your comments, suggestions, and yes, even your complaints - so comment, comment, comment! We enjoy hearing from processors, hunters, cooks (gourmet and amateur alike), and all outdoor enthusiasts. Hopefully, we can all share experiences, information, tips, hunting destinations, etc. We may even spark a discovery or perhaps a debate on who makes the best tasting deer sausage. The possibilities and topics here are endless.

Mostly, we hope friendships develop. Whether game processing is a hobby, a sport, or just simply a way of life for you, we have a lot in common. And each of us has plenty to offer. So don’t hold back and let those comments fly... 

Let the games begin!

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