Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Real, Simple Food - It's a Choice!

Being part of the LEM family means hunting, game processing, harvesting and self-sustainability.

We’re not just talking about meat processing here – we’re talking about the foods you grow at home too.

We believe that your food should be real and it should be simple – this includes both the meat and the produce you harvest. Home grown harvesting not only brings down the cost of keeping food on the table, but brings great pride and satisfaction in how you use your resources. 

We understand that many of our customers work hard in their own home gardens to produce fresh fruit and vegetables for their families. So – we offer products that are designed to be affordable, efficient, and most of all – provide a solution for processing and storing your harvest. Our products were carefully designed and selected to easily tackle even the largest kitchen needs. This is the LEM Difference!

Celebrate simple food with us and redefine the way you eat:

  • Know Your Food… because you are what you eat, it’s nice to know where your “food” lives, even what it eats and drinks.
  • Feed Your Family… with the abundance of food just outside our doors.
  • Customize to Perfection… and explore what’s possible. With hundreds of options, there’s always something new to try.
  • Finish the Hunt and the Harvest… and share your food, recipes and experiences with friends and family. It’s a great feeling!

With a little work comes many rewards. So it is true with home processing and harvesting. With a little effort and know how, a healthy, local, sustainable meal is closer than ever.

So – join us and make a choice for Real, Simple Food. You’ll be glad you did!

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