Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Customer's Take on Our # 5 Big Bite Grinder

One of our customers posted this below to sell their # 5 Big Bite Grinder - only because he bought a # 12 Big Bite! We couldn't have said it any better and have to share... Thanks for the great review!
The Most Beautiful Meat Grinder You Will Ever See!

I have here one of the best meat grinders I have ever owned. It's like the Rolls Royce of grinders... I cannot say enough good things about LEM, and the sheer quality of their products. I have had 2 other grinders from different manufacturers before and one was a 1HP model but had plastic gears and after 1 year of use the gears literally stripped bare. It also claimed to have stainless steel parts but was really aluminum. I bought a second smaller grinder from Meijer, and needless to say that only lasted a month or so, same thing happened.

Finally I bought the LEM #5 Grinder brand new a year ago and have used it about every three months. All the gears in this grinder are metal, and I can tell.... its nearly twice as quiet as the other 2 grinders, and stronger. It has performed flawlessly.

It is the quietest, smoothest operating and quality meat grinder I've ever come across. I've also ground about 50 lbs. of venison through it no problem at all. It's truly all stainless steel, and unlike the other grinders that heavily tarnish when washed in the dishwasher, this thing still looks as new as the day I bought it.

After 1 year of use and constant washing in the dishwasher the tiny blade has an even tinier amount of rust, it is the only part that has shown any sign of wear and tear. And the good news its a cheap fix.

The features are as follows straight from LEM's website...
This stainless steel 1/4 HP grinder is a compact version of our big 1.5 HP. Great for smaller grinding projects. Large meat pan 11-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 2-1/4" deep. A serious step up from a kitchen grinder, you won't find a grinder this size with this quality.

So whether you're a hunter/farmer who wants to start making your own sausage and hamburgers rather than eat that junk that passes as food at the supermarket. Or you make your own pet food, this grinder is the perfect way to get started.

Right now you're probably like, wow this guy sounds like a salesman! Well I do marketing for a living but not for meat grinders! I just know a good product when I see one!

So the question is... What do you think of your Big Bite Grinder? Comment below.



  2. Compare the augers! If the # 12 you're in reference to is our Big Bite Grinder, the Big Bite auger will grab more meat than a standard grinder, allowing you to grind more quickly and efficiently!

  3. Thanks for the grinding tips! I'm registered fro the meat grinder attachment for my wedding shower and I've got my fingers crossed that I get it! We eat a lot of venison instead of ground beef, its healthier and cheaper.

  4. Ultimate machine. I am currently using a different brand, but sure will love to have this one.

  5. I am totaly agree that the meat grinders is too useful. Now, there are so many different brands that are making meat grinders. For me, the important is how do I buy the best meat grinder, consistent with my needs

  6. There are a lot of manufacturers out there pitching meat grinders. what makes me a devoted LEM customer is their commitment to real quality (so much so, they warranty it), along with constantly looking for ways to improve upon their equipment. These guys are SERIOUS about meat processing and it shows. I also know they'll be there for me in the unlikely event I experience a failed product. This company is steadfast, here to stay. I own a Big Bite #22 grinder, countertop #8 grinder and a 50lb. meat mixer and I plan to acquire more equipment as my budget permits. whether you're a small batch sausage grinding enthusiast or serious big batch business, LEM, for me, is most definitely the way to go. I did TONS of research before I chose LEM. and I've not regretted going with them versus the other guys. I also love the versatility of using my grinder motor to mix meat. Keep up the good work LEM!


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