Wednesday, July 16, 2014

6 Steps to Protect Your Hunting Rights – LEM Style!

Our hunting right are continuously challenged. New groups are constantly forming to curtail or abolish a sport that we love. Even our politicians pass legislation against hunting and for gun control. Let’s put forth an effort to preserve our heritage and know that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to hunt with the passion we have.

 Here are 6 things we can do as hunters to ensure hunting will be here for future generations:
  1. TELL YOUR POLITICIANS. Both State and Federal, how you feel about hunting and gun rights. Let them know you expect them to represent your views, since you elected them.
  2. OBEY ALL GAME LAWS. Game laws are made to help hunting, not hinder it. Do not tolerate poaching. If you know of a poacher or incident, report it to your local DNR. No – it’s not tattling. Poaching gives anti’s fuel against us. They say we don’t obey our own hunting laws.
  3. RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY. If you are privileged enough to hunt someone else’s property, don’t litter or destroy fences. Always obtain permission and thank the owner. Offer him or her some of the game you harvested and help with a few chores while you’re there.
  4. LEARN TO HANDLE YOUR WEAPON. Whether you hunt with a bow or gun, practice until you become proficient with it AND you can hit your mark. This will ensure a quick, humane kill and not allow wounded animals to suffer and be more fuel for the anti’s.
  5. DON’T GLORIFY THE KILL. Hunting is much more than pulling the trigger or releasing an arrow. It is also the plain enjoyment of being outdoors and sharing you experience with your friends. Don’t put your harvested deer on top of your car or trunk so everyone can see it. Keep the kill low-key.
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, TEACH A YOUNG PERSON ABOUT THE OUTDOORS. Many of our young people never get the chance to know what hunting and shooting is all about. The children of today are the politicians of tomorrow. If they don’t understand what we love and know about the outdoors and hunting, they will not care about supporting the sport. Teach a young person about firearms and archery. Teach them how to safely handle them, shoot them, care for them, and respect them. Introduce them to hunting. Let them decide if they enjoy it or not.

So many people have never seen the things that happen in the outdoors, like watching a red fox work a creek bed early in the morning or seeing a hawk circling above a grass field searching for mice. Many times, we’ll sit in a tree stand for hours and not see a deer. But throughout the day, we’ll see the outdoors in a way that few others do. For instance, watching a spider build a web on the branch next to us or seeing two squirrels chase each other around and around a tree. These small glimpses into nature are a part of hunting to us… It’s not just about pulling the trigger. Let’s keep it this way! 

Do your part to help preserve hunting for future hunters. You’ll be glad you did!

What do you currently practice above to do your part? Do you have any other suggestions to preserve our hunting heritage? Comment below!

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