Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Be Prepared for Open Season 2014

It’s no secret – safety is the most important aspect of hunting. Make sure you know your state’s hunting laws & regulations before you go. In fact, it’s your responsibility as a hunter to know these. If followed, the tips below will give you a big leg up on safety this year – not to mention more fun in the field.

Since we’re in Ohio – we’re going to share tips that the ODNR folks gave us. However, you can visit your state’s DNR resources on our Hunting Regulations page.

  • Get the landowner’s permission to hunt.
  • Buy your annual hunting license and deer permit early.
  • Make sure your gun is plugged, and not capable of holding more than three (3) shells.
  • Make sure you meet hunter orange requirements.
  • Know how to attach your temporary tag. Carry a piece of string, watch and pen or pencil.
  • Know the rules for use of communication devices.
  • Know your APV laws.
  • Know the season dates, hours and Deer Zones.
  • Follow proper check station procedures.
  • Hunt safely!
  • After hunting, check carefully for ticks and promptly remove them.

It’s time to get excited for Open Season 2014! Here's to a successful season and a freezer full of meat!

For more hunting info in Ohio, visit the ODNR website:

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