Field Dressing Knife Kit

Field Dressing Solutions You Need for Hunting

October 11, 2021

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The sun is setting and the cool evening air envelopes you. It is not quiet, but peaceful as the ambient noise that usually clogs your eardrums has completely dissipated. No traffic, no humming of electronics, no intrusive noise. Instead, you are surrounded by the sounds of nature. Insects chirping, perhaps an owl hooting, and the gentle rustle of the deer you have been tracking.

You have your shot, you aim, you squeeze the trigger and—success.

Just like that, all of your hard work and preparation has paid off as you land the biggest buck you have ever shot. This may be your first kill of the season or perhaps the first kill of your life, and the victory tastes sweet. You will not return empty handed.

But the task is not complete.

Fortunately, you are prepared. You have your deer processing equipment at the ready so you can move forward with the necessary field dressing. This part of the process is crucial in order to maintain the quality of your meat. You want to perform the field dressing as soon as possible. Not only does it make it easier to carry large game out of the hunting area, but it also ensures that the meat stays clean and safe from bacteria.

Cool the body as swiftly as possible.

Your rope hoist and collapsible gambrel fits easily into your hunting bag and can be set up swiftly. With one hand you hoist the carcass up to easily support it by the hind legs for enhanced draining and cooling.

Gut the body with precision.

You have an arsenal of tools to choose from in your field dressing knife set. You choose the bright orange handle of your Field Dressing Knife which enables you to gut the animal and remove all of the entrails delicately yet precisely.

To skin the animal, you rely on the Caping Knife, which also works for deboning.

Break down the body with everything you need.

You know that all your game processing needs are covered by this handy kit from LEM Products.

At this moment, you don’t need the versatile, multipurpose knife Hunting Knife or the Axe, but you know they are available when you need them. The Hook will come in handy for pulling the carcass apart, scraping meat off bone, grabbing, and moving pieces of meat. As will the Rib Spreader when you need to hold the ribs open after sawing through the rib cage. To process the large pieces, you can saw through with the Bone Saw which features a serrated blade and T-shaped handle to increase cutting efficiency along with a blunt hooked tip to avoid puncturing the bladder or intestines. All of your blades are kept in top condition with the Knife Sharpener. Plus, you have a Cutting Board and other Bonus items include latex gloves, rope, marking line, and zip ties.

Carry your prize back to camp.

Your task is complete, and you can kick up your feet and crack open a beer knowing that your kill has been processed. Maybe you have more plans like making sausage or venison jerky. LEM products has you covered with all of the deer processing equipment you need.