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Holiday Gift Guide for Hunters

By: Beka Garris  |   December 10, 2021

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To hunters everywhere, the best time of year is already upon us —sweet November. However, for many other people, Christmas is considered to be the best time of year. I’ve never been one to put up my Christmas decorations early or get too over the top when it comes to this specific holiday. However, I do like to plan ahead when it comes to buying gifts. Nothing drives me crazier than being rushed to buy something last minute when the stores are mobbed with shoppers and the shelves are nearly empty. 

It can be tricky to buy gifts for your hunting buddies who seem to already own everything under the sun. But, if you’re looking for some different gift ideas, go no further. This gift guide is sure to have something for everyone — the last one is my favorite and is also great for those of you who seem to always be scrambling for a gift two hours before the Christmas party. 

Maxvac 100 Vacuum Sealer ($99)

The gift that keeps on giving. Cliche, but true! A few years ago, I had a cheap off brand vacuum sealer that I used for one deer season. Then, one day, in the middle of deer season, it just stopped working. It was extremely disappointing. Then, I got this vacuum sealer from LEM and there was absolutely no comparison. This little machine is durable AND affordable, and if you do your own butchering and processing, this is a must have. Not only is it great for wild game however, but it’s also good for freezing garden veggies, wild mushrooms, and many other types of foods!

Field Dressing Knife Kit ($59)

Many would think this would be the ideal gift for someone just getting into hunting, but ideally it could be fore anyone. Everyone needs a good set of tools when it comes to field dressing and butchering and this one covers all bases. Knives for field dressing, skinning, quartering and butchering, along with a saw and even a rib spreader and knife sharpener. Maybe you should buy two of these, and keep one for yourself.

Meat Lugs ($9-$17)

For years when I deboned my deer, I would simply separate the meat into whatever mixing bowls I had on hand. This could end up being a lot, especially if I wanted to put them in the refrigerator overnight, and spent 20 minutes rearranging everything to make the bowls fit. Then, I discovered Meat Lugs and felt like I finally started living. Not only do the larger sizes hold more than a mixing bowl, but even the larger sizes can fit on the shelf of your refrigerator and they’re easy to carry (ahem, Lug) around. The smallest one is great for grinding meat and mixing sausage; the large ones can fit a whole whitetail when it’s deboned. A great investment no matter what size you choose.

Backwoods Sausage Kit ($24)

This variety pack of sausage seasonings has something for everyone. This is the perfect gift for the hunter who also likes to cook — and eat — venison. This could also be used with black bear, moose, elk, and many other meats. My dad used to make a pack of breakfast sausage using Backwoods seasoning every year when I was a kid, and I can still remember how good the house smelled once the meat hit the frying pan. This kit is also a great way to try some new flavors you’ve never had!

Homemade Jerky or Summer Sausage

This is a one size fits all gift, for someone you really care about, but already has everything. Who doesn’t love some venison jerky or summer sausage? Vacuum seal it, or put it in a mason jar and stick a bow on top. Even non hunters who love meat will be more than happy to receive the fruits of a successful hunting season.


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