properly wrapped meat for freezer storage

How to Wrap Meat to Freeze

September 13, 2022

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Proper Freezer Storage

After you’ve processed your deer into desirable cuts, it is imperative that you properly wrap and freeze the packages. Putting the cuts into plastic freezer bags will not guarantee you delicious and fresh meat in the coming months.

The most effective way for freezing meat is to use quality freezer paper that is waxed or poly-coated on one side. The coated side of the paper should go against the meat. To optimize the protection, you can fold a freezer sheets around the meat and then properly freezer wrap. Customers tell us that they had kept venison frozen for over 2 years and it was still excellent when cooked. That was because they properly wrapped the cuts when they processed their deer.

Improper freezer wrapping or inferior wrapping supplies can cause freezer burn. This is a condition that robs the meat of flavor and nutrients. When the air is captured inside the package it causes the meat to turn gray or white. The dehydration caused by the refrigeration produces the freezer burn and the meat becomes dry, tasteless and lacks the proper nutrients. Any time you wrap items for the freezer, be sure to eliminate all the air from the package, and have no holes in the wrapping material.

Freezer Wrapping Venison to Maintain Nutrients and Flavor

There are basically two methods of freezer wrapping with paper—the butcher wrap and the drugstore wrap. Of the two methods, the drug store wrap is more efficient if properly done. Learn the proper drug store wrap in six easy steps.

  1. Tear off enough paper to go about one and a half time around meat. With the shiny or waxed side facing up, place meat on the center of paper.
  2. Bring the ends together. Start folding the ends of paper together over the center of the meat, making each fold about one inch wide. Crease the folds securely as you go. Fold down to the meat, using the last fold to pull the paper tightly around it.
  3. To keep an airtight package, hold the paper firmly around the meat and fold in each of the four corners of paper, as you would when wrapping a gift, to create a point at each end.
  4. Turn the pointed ends under the package, folding about an inch of paper under each end.
  5. Seal the package with freezer tape. You now have a tight package that will keep air out and moisture in!
  6. Label each package with date and contents, including meat type, cut and amount. Place packages in the freezer without stacking, leaving space between them for air circulation.

Whenever possible, do not stack freshly wrapped meat in the freezer. Lay the packages out in single layers and wait until they are thoroughly frozen to then stack them. It will be easy for you to rotate packages and use the oldest packages first by marking and dating them before freezing.

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