Smoky Cured Hma on wood cutting board with thyme
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Prepare for the Holidays With Our Help

December 03, 2021

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With the holiday season approaching, everyone is thinking about what to make for their big holiday dinners. Consider including delicious, cured meats this year. Create a tasty holiday meal that everyone will love with LEM meat seasonings!

Not sure where to start? Here are just a few of the many uses of the LEM meat cure and other meat seasonings that your friends and family will love this holiday season:

Smoky Cured Ham

Take quality pork shoulder with the skin intact, and create a brine with the Backwoods Ham Kit, in addition to any of your favorite pickling spices. Then, rinse your ham under cold water, pat dry, and roast your ham. For a great finish, top with your favorite glaze!

Succulent Cured Duck

Lather your sliced duck with the LEM meat cure and any other seasonings you enjoy, cover, and refrigerate until done curing. Then, you’re going to want to hang dry your meat out. Next, put your cured duck in the smoker for up to 10 minutes and you’ll have the tastiest cured duck for the holidays!

Savory Corned Beef

To make corned beef, you will need to create a brine. Mix the LEM meat cure along with your favorite LEM backwoods meat seasonings with water and soak your beef (try our vacuum seal bags to enhance the flavor of your corned beef while marinating). Then, simmer your meat with any additional seasonings you’d like for the perfect holiday corned beef.

Why You Should Use The Backwoods Meat Cure

When you use our backwoods meat cure, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced risk of botulism in meat
  • Aid the preservation of meat
  • Enhance the flavor of the finished product
  • Give the finished cooked product a pink "cured" color

Every Backwoods Seasoning is custom blended and customer tested for results you can taste. With our line of Backwoods Seasonings and our meat cure, you can't go wrong. Use our seasonings as a rub, or create a brine by mixing with our best-selling meat cure flavor enhancer. Enjoy our many options for flavors and apply them to your favorite meats, smoked or cooked for the holiday season. To learn more about our products, visit us online and place your orders today.