LEM Big Bite Meat Grinder on wood table with burger patties and meat lug
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Simplify Your Meat Processing with LEM

November 22, 2021

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Meat processing can be a time-consuming task no matter what kind of result you are looking for. Thankfully, LEM Products has all of the meat processing equipment you could imagine for both the at-home chef and butcher alike.

Hoist and Gambrel

Easily hoist up your hunt with our weight-reducing pulley system. This product can hold up to 500 lbs and Features an automatic self-locking device and collapses easily to fit into your hunting bag. Additionally, this product comes with a 22" lightweight gambrel and polypropylene rope that is rot-resistant and twist/tangle-free. Now, you no longer have to process your meat in the dirt, you’ll have plenty of leverage to begin processing from right in front of you.


All that harvested meat can weigh a ton. There’s no better place to load up your harvested meat than in our meat lugs! Ranging from large to small options, you can have your very own meat lug ranging in size from 13” to 21”. We even offer draining trays to keep your food products out of liquid during thawing, cleaning, washing, prepping, marinating, or transporting.


Whether you’re looking for a deli slicer, meat saw, or a great meat cleaver for cutting your meat, LEM has it all. From a 7 ½ inch blade to a 10-inch blade, our meat slicers come in many sizes so you can get your perfect slice with ease. Additionally, we offer a variety of sharp knives and meat cleavers to assist in cutting your meat. Whether you’re interested in manual or electric meat saws, these tools can cut your processing time in half! The LEM meat saws are easily able to slice through even frozen meat! You can get right to work on processing your meat straight out of the freezer without risking its freshness.


Grind 11 to 17 lbs of meat per minute with our variety of heavy-duty Big Bite Meat Grinders. We even offer a dual grind meat grinder so you don’t even have to reload your machine for a second grind. The dual meat grinder features a large diameter head coupled with a powerful 1 HP motor, and runs through meat like a hot knife through butter! Save big on time with our many options for meat grinders. 

Visit our online store to look through our wide variety of meat processing products. We offer only the best equipment at a wide range of price points so you’ll always find something you could use to assist in meat processing.