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The Many Uses of a Meat Slicer

August 31, 2021

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Meat slicers may seem like equipment exclusive to butcher shops, but they come in handy for the at-home chef. A meat slicer is not limited to slicing only meat. There are numerous ways your LEM meat slicer can be put to use in your kitchen.

Easily Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Cut down on the laborious and extensive amount of time that it takes to cut up your vegetables or fruit. Slicing by hand can take up a great amount of time and can often lead to inconsistent slices. Fortunately, our meat slicers can cut through vegetables and fruits just as easily as they can cut through any meat. Use a LEM meat slicer for:

  • Making a big salad
  • Meal prepping for the week
  • Cutting vegetables for a soup or sauce
  • Preparing a fruit salad
  • Making a potato gratin

The more you use your meat slicer, the more you will experience the joy of freshly prepared and consistently cut produce. It is important to keep in mind that the meat slicer is not designed to cut through big seeds from foods such as avocado, mango, etc. This exception also applies to bones.

Get Uniform Slices Every TIme

Whether you are slicing pork belly, deli meat for sandwiches, fresh bacon, or steak, it is important to ensure consistency. By using your meat slicer to practice consistent slicing, you will definitely taste the difference. You’re able to serve equal amounts of food, meal prep with ideal portions, and above all, cook your food evenly.  
When you shop at LEM Products, you’ll find options for your preferred meat slicer. Our famous Big Bite Meat Slicer 10” is a heavy-duty commercial grade slicer that features a sliding carriage and food holder arm to ensure consistently smooth and precise cuts. This product can slice from 1” thin up to 10” thick. Our Big Bite Meat Slicer 8 ½” features powerful induction motor and reliable belt drive to create plenty of torque for the toughest meats. All of our slicers can handle tough meats, while still being able to take a delicate approach to cheese, and loaves of bread.

Take Care of Your Meat Slicer and it Will Take Care of You

Remember, as with all meat slicers, treat your product with care. Frozen foods, bones, and non-food items should not be used in your meat slicer and may damage the blade.
Enjoy perfectly sliced meats, bread, cheeses, and vegetables without buying those expensive cuts. We make sure to provide affordable, high-quality kitchen products and accessories for both the commercial chef and the home chef. Make the best purchase for your kitchen with a LEM meat slicer. Try out the variety of cost-effective products provided by LEM today. Call us at (877) 336-5895 to learn more.