grilled bratwurst and buns on a table with sausage stuffer

What to Cook for National Grilling Month

July 01, 2022

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To no one’s surprise, July is national grilling month! Get your sunscreen on and get outside to grill up some of your favorite summertime meals. Whether you’ve got an appetite for a juicy steak, burgers, hot dogs, or a few kebabs, grilling is a delight. Not sure what to cook for national grilling month? You’ve come to the right place. LEM loves to grill, and has the perfect meat seasonings to prepare your food with!

Juicy Summer Sausage

Cooking up some tasty summer sausage and cooling off with a cold beer is a go-to afternoon meal for us at LEM. When you cook sausage, you want to shoot for an 80/20 percentage of lean meat to fat. Simply feed your meat through the sausage grinder and you have your sausage meat. We have a myriad of summer sausage seasonings, some of our favorites are the Backwoods Jalapeno Summer Sausage Seasoning and the Backwoods Cajun Sausage Seasoning. Once your meat is ready for stuffing, grab your sausage casing and fill it up with your attachment. Make sure to use non-edible fibrous, smoked, or collagen casings. Prior to use, fibrous casings must be soaked in water for 20 - 30 minutes to make them pliable and easy to use. All casings can hold a significant amount of weight.

Tender BBQ Ribs 

Who isn’t a fan of barbecue? Try out our recipe for Honey BBQ Baby Back Ribs. This recipe features our famous Backwoods Honey BBQ Rib Seasoning and Rub, an amazing enhancer that will bring out the bright flavors of your meat with additional hints of cayenne pepper and honey. 

Flavor-Packed Vegetable Kebabs

Vegetable kebabs are a great addition to any meat dish. Try out mushrooms, garlic, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and red peppers for a deliciously charred and seasoned on-the-go veggie meal. Simply soak your skewers overnight, choose your veggies (and pieces of meat for a more protein-heavy snack), make a delicious marinade, and add in your favorite Backwoods seasoning. Once everything is coated, throw it on the grill and watch it bubble, blister, and char with smoky goodness. 

July is here and the summer breeze is calling you to go outside. Stay hydrated, get your favorite meats and veggies on the grill, and enjoy what the brief summer has to offer. Sit back, relax, and rely on LEM’s quality equipment. Try our meat tenderizers and slicers, our dehydrators, and so much more. If you have any questions, call us at (877) 336-5895.