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Why You Should Use a Meat Cure

November 26, 2021

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Curing meat is one of the most ancient food preservation techniques that has prevented the spread of bacteria and increased the longevity of shelf life for both meat and fish. The process of meat curing takes out all moisture making it uninhabitable to microbes and bacterias that could get you sick. For all types of meats, whether you’re working with salami, sausage, jerky, ham, or bacon, choose LEM’s Backwoods Meat Cure

Why Should You Cure Meat?

  • Reduce the risk of botulism in meat

Botulism is a serious bacterial infection that affects the nerves and paralyzes muscles. It is caused by the moisture content in meat that allows for bacteria to thrive. When you use the LEM Backwoods Meat Cure, you are reducing your risk for botulism by taking away all or most of the moisture of the meat, making it uninhabitable for bacteria. 

  • Slightly aid the preservation of meat

Cured meat can last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or over a year in the freezer. When compared to uncured meat that only lasts a few days, cured meat is perfect for those who buy in bulk or hunt their meat with the intention of keeping it for a long time. 

  • Enhance the flavor of the finished product

Curing meat came into existence out of necessity due to no means of refrigeration. However, meat enthusiasts boast the taste of cured meat, making the meat curing process an ongoing practice in modern times. Since cured meat takes all or most of the moisture out of the meat, the flavors are more concentrated and distinct. 

  • Give the finished cooked product a pink "cured" color. (If Cure is not used, your sausage would be a grey color.)

The eyes eat before the mouth tastes. This is an important aspect of food as the colors bring about a feeling of excitement and anticipation of the first bite. In uncured meats, sausage looks grey and dull, which isn’t a feast for the eyes. 

What Meats Should be Cured?

There are many different types of meats that can be cured. From pork to red meat, the possibilities for curing meats are endless. Try out LEM’s Backwoods Meat Cure for:

  • Salami
  • Chorizo
  • Pepperoni
  • Prosciutto
  • Coppa

Enjoy so many different cuisines with a simple meat cure and you’ll be delighted to learn the taste, texture, and other benefits of curing your own meat. Curing meat reduces the need to buy or hunt more by extending the shelf life of your food, while also concentrating the flavor of your favorite meats. For more information on our meat curing product, visit our store online.