LEM Meat Grinder

4 Benefits of Using a Meat Grinder

July 20, 2021

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The convenience of picking up hamburger meat or a package of hot dogs at the supermarket definitely fits in with today’s fast-paced society. Everyone is on the go and sometimes what we put into our bodies is barely given more than a passing thought. But as they say, easier is not always better. Whether you hunt your own game or are simply very particular about your meat, there is an unquestionable satisfaction in processing and grinding it yourself. For those of us who take pride in the meat that we cook and serve, investing in a meat grinder just makes good sense. Here are just 4 reasons why:


When you grind your own meat, you are in complete control of what goes into it. You can keep it pure and simple or add seasonings. You can combine different cuts of meat to balance the fat content for burgers or meatloaf. They can also grind other foods besides meat including vegetables and legumes. Plus, you know the meat is fresh which means no added preservatives and more flavor.


A commercial meat grinder is not cheap, we recognize that. But choosing a quality machine that will not only do the job you need it to do, but that will last, offers an invaluable reward. Over time, this investment will pay itself and eventually save you money over spending supermarket prices on inferior products. 


These machines are designed to handle large quantities. Capable of grinding all types of meat, they can even grind soft bones such as those in chicken, duck, or rabbits – just makes sure the bones are room temperature and not frozen. You save time and energy on your part with a reliable piece of equipment that gets the job done. 


Meat grinders are not one-size-fits-all. We recognize the importance of choosing the right machine that fits your needs. From very small quantities to heavy use, you will find the right grinder for you. Check out what LEM has to offer:

  • The #5 Big Bite Meat Grinder is the most compact. Perfect for occasional use, it can grind 4 lbs. per minute!
  • The #8 Big Bite Meat Grinder works well to grind up a few deer a year. Perfect for regular use, it can grind 7 lbs. per minute!
  • The #12 Big Bite Meat Grinder packs a wallop. Perfect for frequent use, it can grind 11 lbs. per minute!
  • The #22 Big Bite Meat Grinder works well for those who grind on a daily basis. Perfect for heavy use, it can grind 13 lbs. per minute!
  • The #32 Big Bite Meat Grinder can handle anything as the fastest, most powerful machine in the series. Perfect for big jobs, it can grind 17 lbs. per minute!
  • The Mighty Bite # 8 Aluminum Grinder is the little brother of our Big Bite Grinders. It enables you to get into grinding and sausage making!
  • The #8 575-Watt Countertop Grinder can easily live on your countertop. Perfect for burgers and sausages, it can grind up to 3 lbs. per minute.