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5 Best Accessories for your Vacuum Food Sealer

November 16, 2021

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Choosing one of LEM’s vacuum sealers gives you the opportunity to add on amazing accessories that help ease the process of vacuum sealing. The LEM vacuum food sealer can provide you with freshly sealed food products to enjoy at any time of the year. Whether you’re into picking and storing fruits for their off-season, hunting and storing bulk amounts of meat for later use, or want to create a tightly sealed marinade for your meats, count on LEM’s vacuum food sealer to do the job. With this magical machine, you can choose from a variety of LEM’s best accessories, including:

Roll Holder and Cutter

Now, you never have to worry about organizing stacks of vacuum sealer bags anymore. With just a single roll of bag material, you get to choose the size of your bag, pull it, and rip it with the LEM roll holder and cutter. Cut freezer rolls with ease with our adjustable roll holder and cutter for either 14, 11, or 8” rolls.

Vacuum Bag Platform

Our vacuum bag platform prevents wrinkling in your sealing process. By holding your bag at the sealer’s height, this platform assists in creating an extremely even seal and a simple process. The table is approximately 3/8" thick and holds up to 25 pounds.

Absorbent pads for vacuum bags

When you’re sealing high-moisture foods, you need this tool which reduces juices and liquid from being pulled into the sealing area of your vacuum bags. Get a clean seal without liquids leaking into the machine with LEM’s absorbent pads. 

Essential vacuum bag holder

Keep your vacuum bags clean and dry with the essential vacuum bag holder. This product features a suction base to keep bags steady and open for hands-free filling. The adjustable arms can accommodate up to 10” pint, quart, and gallon bags. 

Vacuum sealer external hose attachment

Remove the air from your LEM vacuum canisters to have fresh canned nuts, flours, and other food items. This versatile tool works with the LEM MaxVac vacuum sealer and other vacuum sealers. 

Our accessories are all a combination of the innovative ways you can make vacuum sealing the easiest and straightforward process. Make sure no moisture seeps into your dry food bags, keep bags properly sealed, and make the vacuum sealing process easy with 5 of LEM’s best accessories for our vacuum sealer. Learn more about our products by visiting our store online today.