Grilled Burgers and Corn at a Cookout

Show Off Your Grilling Skills with Delicious Meat Spices

July 26, 2021

Grilling outside in the summertime is such an immersive experience that brings people together. It creates connections, sometimes without them even knowing it. While you season and prepare the ingredients for the grill, your family gathers in the backyard. Children swim in the pool, squealing with delight. Friends play a round of cornhole in the corner shade. Cold cans clink together in congratulatory cheers, even if the only thing being celebrated is just being together.  

As you place that first batch of meat on the grill, the wind catches the delightful aroma and sends it to anyone in the vicinity—first your family and friends in the yard, then a neighbor walking their dog, before making its way to the house at the other end of the street. As that savory, smokey, summertime scent enters their noses they all experience the same sensation. They breathe it in and immediately begin to salivate. Their stomachs start to rumble. All anyone can think about is chowing down on the feast that you are preparing. This smell is as familiar as it is special, sparking memories of previous BBQs and similar gatherings. 

Make Your Cookout Standout

What you grill at every cookout does not have to be run-of-the-mill. Even something as simple as a hamburger can become exceptional with the right preparation and seasoning. With flavors from Backwoods, not only can your grill put forth scrumptious bites of nostalgia, but it will also let you get your creative juices flowing.

Forget store-bought hot dogs. Grill your homemade sausage seasoned to perfection with our Backwoods meat spices. You can choose flavors that include:

  • Garlic Chili Pepper
  • Chipotle Bourbon
  • Bratwurst
  • Cajun
  • Chorizo
  • Garlic
  • Hot or Sweet Italian
  • Sweet Italian

When you are not in the mood for sausages, your options do not end there. Enhance the natural flavors of meat and wild game with our Backwoods signature rubs. These rubs were all created exclusively for LEM by local chef James Trent. They can be used as a dry rub or combined with olive oil. They contain no additives and no MSG. Just wholesome, simple spices that come together to make flavors that sing. Choose from Backwoods:

  • Sizzlin’ Honey BBQ Rib Rub
  • Savory Wild Game Rub
  • High Country Hickory Garlic Rub
  • Blackened Kickin’ Chicken Rub

You can explore the meat spices available at Give them all a try! 

For now, let’s return to the fun:
Everyone has a heaping plate of food and they all sit down to eat. As the sounds of chatter are replaced with the sounds of chewing, warmth and satisfaction permeate the atmosphere. No matter how many times we grill for our friends and family, it never gets old.