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Tender Meat for the Holidays

December 20, 2021

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Cooking with tough meat is never an easy feat to overcome. This is especially true for wild game fans. Deer, elk, and moose alike have a certain reputation when it comes to their chew. This holiday season, introduce tender venison to your friends and family and watch as the food disappears from the table. When you use the LEM meat tenderizer, you’ll uncover the hidden secret of meat processing. Tenderizing is a key part of the process of creating something so juicy and tender, you’ll forget it was once that tough wild game. Count on LEM Products to provide you with high-quality equipment to make your holiday dinners unforgettable.

Beef, lamb, veal, and pork can all be tough meats to eat. This is because their muscle and connective tissue is very dense and needs to be massaged with a tenderizer. Using LEM’s meat tenderizers will break the bonds of these tissues, making them very soft and able to soak up all of your marinade for extra juicy bites.

Why Use the LEM Meat Tenderizer?

  • Uniform cooking
  • Shorter cooking time
  • Juicier meat
  • Easier to cut and eat

By using LEM’s bladed meat tenderizer attachment, you will achieve an even juicier piece of meat. The blades are able to poke through the meat, creating holes for the natural juices and your favorite marinade to absorb easily into the meat.

Cut Your Work Time in Half

Whether you are processing your own deer or slicing deli fresh meat, for this holiday season, cut your work time in half with the 2 in 1 meat slicer and meat tenderizer from LEM Products. Our commercial-grade meat slicers and tenderizers feature high-quality stainless steel blades and powerful motors that can easily cut through any meat and cheese. Serve the most delicious, tender, and juicy holiday roast with help from the high-quality equipment from LEM Products.

Give the Gift of Tender Meat

This holiday season, give the gift of perfectly juicy and tender meat every time with the LEM meat tenderizers. This high-quality equipment will help aid in the amount of hard work and time it takes to process your own meat. Choose from the Big Bite 2 in 1 meat slicer and tenderizer, the 48-blade handheld tenderizer, the clamp-on tenderizer, and the Bite Bite 2 in 1 product as an attachment to your Big Bite Grinder. To learn more about our meat processing products, such as meat saws, tenderizers, slicers, and more, visit LEM Products online, or call us at (877) 336-5895.