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Why are Meat Tenderizers So Popular?

August 21, 2021

Tired of buying expensive cuts of meat for its tender, juicy texture? Make the perfect meat dish every time with a LEM meat tenderizer. Many people are unaware of the benefits of a meat tenderizer, and others don’t want to put in the work. At LEM, we believe meat tenderizers are worth it for the amazing results. We have created several meat tenderizing products that require minimal effort, and some products are 2-for-1 that can also slice the meat for you with a separate roller. Tenderized meat will cut easier, chew easier, and cook easier. Save money and time with a LEM meat tenderizer. 

Less expensive cuts of meat are oftentimes very tough while more expensive meats are known to be more tender. This dilemma is easily fixable with a meat tenderizer. Meat is tough due to the animal’s strong muscle tissue. Breaking up these muscles is easy with a tenderizer, and will help the cut, cook, and chew of the meat become juicier and softer. By using LEM’s bladed meat tenderizer attachment, you will achieve an even juicier piece of meat. The blades poke through the meat, creating holes for the natural juices and your favorite marinade to absorb easily into the meat. 

If you’re hosting a party with plenty of steaks on the menu and filet mignon just isn’t in the budget, you’re going to want uniform tenderness within each guest’s meal. With our many meat tenderizers, you will be able to serve consistent steaks to your guests. Simply feed your meat through our tenderizers and the result – a perfectly tender and juicy steak that is ready for the grill.  

Our tenderizers are perfect for tenderizing beef, pork, venison, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, and even some seafood. From handheld tenderizers, clamp-on, and vertical tenderizers, to electric meat tenderizers, LEM Products has meat tenderizers for every budget.

At LEM, we even have a handheld spiked tenderizer for those who want to stick to something they are more familiar with. As opposed to a standard meat mallet, this spiked tenderizer provides you with easy clean-up. Standard mallets tend to smash down and splatter the juices of your meat all over your kitchen. The spiked roller from LEM pokes into the meat to tenderize and retain those juices as well as creating pockets for your tasty marinade to penetrate the meat. 

Enjoy juice, tender meat without buying those expensive cuts. Try out the cost-effective meat tenderizers provided by LEM. Call us at (877) 336-5895 to learn more.