April 30, 2023

  1. Providing for Your Family: Teaching your child how to process their own game enables them to one day provide for themselves and their family, continuing a family tradition. They learn what it means to work for their food and how to prepare it in a healthy way.
  2. Work Smarter, Not Harder: The initial investment in game processing equipment pays for itself in just a few uses. By teaching our children the importance of having the proper tools, they will know that their hard work and patience has paid off.
  3. Hands-on Experience: Processing wild game is a skill that requires attention to detail. There is no better way to learn than a hands-on experience. Letting your son or daughter help process is an important step in teaching them about the different parts of the animal and different cuts of meat.
  4. Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor: From grilling and dehydrating, to meal planning, there are plenty of ways that a child of any age can master cooking their game. With a little help and some practice, you’ll help them gain a valuable life skill.
  5. Health Benefits: Wild game contains no hormones, preservatives or additives. Wild game is free range, eating only what nature provides. There is nothing more natural than field to table. Your child will learn what clean meat tastes like.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Keep in mind that no one can become an instant expert at meat processing. By starting and finishing together, you’re doing what hunters were meant to do, take care of your own wild game and learning what works and tastes the best. You’ll be thanking each other by the time you sit down at the dinner table.

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