Vacuum Food Sealer with vacuum sealed meat in bag
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Unique Uses for your Vacuum Food Sealer

September 08, 2021

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Hunters, bulk shoppers, or anyone who likes to store meat for future use, will love a LEM vacuum food sealer. Our many options give you a variety of vacuum food sealers to choose from. We provide commercial-grade vacuum food sealing products and accessories, made with quality craftsmanship for the home chef as well as restaurant and food businesses.


When you have a lot of meat on your hands, with not much storage area, vacuum food sealers can save your meat from going to waste. Our high-quality sealing bags and equipment will create a compact, safe wrap around your meat for optimal storage. Additionally, the ETL-certified vacuum seal bags will prevent the growth of mold or bacteria in your food. This means your food will stay fresh much longer than it would in other types of containers.


Vacuum food sealers can provide you with the fruits you love no matter what season you’re in! By sealing your fresh fruits with a LEM vacuum sealer and freezing them for later use, you still get the nutrients and freshness of the fruits you want, whatever time of year you want them!


Add that amazing sauce or marinade to your meats with our vacuum food sealers. With a seal this tight, your marinade or sauce will penetrate deep into your meats for the juiciest, most tender bite you could dream of. All chefs know that marinating adds an amazing layer of flavor to your foods. But as opposed to the plastic bag method, when you use a LEM vacuum food sealer, the flavors within your marinade are easily able to more deeply infuse into your meat. Because you are using a LEM vacuum food sealer, you can drastically reduce the time you need to marinate your food.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping is a major help for having food ready throughout the week. The LEM vacuum food sealer will serve as a perfect portion control guide while also giving you the compact storage you need to fit your food neatly in the refrigerator.

Start Sealing!

All MaxVac Vacuum Sealers include vacuum sealer bags or a roll of customizable bag material and are compatible with most national brand vacuum bags as well as being ETL Certified. Enjoy the multiple uses of your LEM vacuum food sealer by visiting us online to shop today. Call us at (877) 336-5895 for more information on our products and accessories.