Two French Fry Cutters on a wood table with russet potatoes
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Which Potatoes Are Best in the French Fry Cutter

November 29, 2021

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Who is ever not in the mood for French fries? For easy at-home prep or commercial work, choose the best French Fry Cutter from LEM Products. French fries are one of the most popular side dishes in the world, and what’s better than saving time and energy on your side dishes? Our product allows you to slice your potatoes with ease so you can tend to your burgers, steaks, or whatever else you’re cooking up for dinner. 

No matter what kind of potatoes you enjoy in their fried form, you can easily skip all the cutting with our product that does it for you! With reduced time on prep work, using the LEM French fry cutter leaves you with more energy to pour into your cooking process.

The Many Uses for Your French Fry Cutter

Russet Potatoes

These potatoes are high in starch and low in moisture making them a great choice for frying. They also don’t absorb too much oil leaving them soggy. Instead, they turn out to be crispy and perfectly cooked. 

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Unlike russet potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes have a slightly lower starch content, which is why they are usually baked rather than fried. This gives the bite of your fry more of a soft and fluffy texture. They are also high in vitamin A giving them their signature yellow color. 

Snack Slices

Save on prep time to enjoy your food with our French fry cutter. Don’t limit yourself to only slicing potatoes, our product is extremely versatile! Aside from the treat of crispy French fries, the French fry cutter can also be used to make snack portions of carrots, cucumbers, apples, and more. Since the suction base attaches to any smooth, flat surface, you get plenty of leverage during your prep. 


Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of cooking, frying, and baking alike is the importance of even slices. When you choose LEM Products for a French fry cutter, you’ll benefit from the advantage of even slices and in turn, an evenly cooked and finished product. This product is both time and cost-effective to handle many of your prepping needs. 

Enjoy simply made French fries and snack portions of your favorite fruits and vegetables with the LEM French fry cutter. You can never go wrong with LEM Products for home cooking and commercial kitchen products and other accessories. For more information on our products, visit us online today and start shopping.